About Geography

Geography department

The Department of Geography was established in the academic year 2011-2012 with the beginning of the creation of the College of Education for Girls. The duration of study is four years, after which the graduating students are awarded a bachelor's degree in geography.


The Department of Geography is one of the scientific departments in the College of Education for Girls. It seeks to prepare scientific cadres specialized in geography with the ability to improve educational and social concepts and contribute to the process of sustainable development.


The department's mission is to prepare female teachers specialized in geography to meet the needs of educational institutions in the middle and preparatory stages, and to prepare female researchers capable of developing educational sciences and keeping pace with global developments.


* Providing students with scientific skills in computers, maps and geographic information systems in a way that enables them to draw and analyze maps and interpret and analyze aerial images and satellite visuals to serve geographical studies.

* The maturation of geographical thought among the students and enabling them to know geographical phenomena in terms of their characteristics, spatial distribution and spatial relationships.

* Encouraging students to benefit from the relationship of geography with other sciences and to use this relationship to contribute to comprehensive development.

Preparing female teachers specialized in geography who are able to diagnose environmental problems and contribute to solving them

* Spreading the spirit of scientific research and working on its development and keeping pace with global developments in a way that contributes to the service and development of Iraqi society