preliminary study

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Academic Program for the Department of History

1- Students’ knowledge of the history of Iraq, the Arab world and the world in the ancient, Islamic, modern and contemporary eras.

2- A systematic scientific knowledge of the details of the study in the different stages.

3- Emphasis on studying the history of Iraq in its various stages, as well as the Arab world and the world.

4- Providing the student with scientific methodological information in history.

5- Building a scientific personality for the student capable of research and analysis.

6- Acquiring special skills in history that qualify him for research and teaching.

Curriculum development plan:

Adoption of the curricula plan for the Department of History developed and approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research under the title (Development and Modernization of History Curricula in Iraqi Universities for the year 2015), and the stages on which the update was adopted until 2019-2020 are the first, second and third stages.