Vision, Mission and Aims


An Educational and scientific institute that intends to prepare academic cadres who are well qualified to be distinguished in the field of higher education and scientific research according to highly qualified academic and scientific measures.


Preparing specialized staff who are scientifically and educationally qualified  to participate in improving teaching and education in Iraq. In addition, it intends to prepare researchers who are able to participate actively in writing theoretical and practical research to support the educational and scientific movement in accordance with the university role in promoting the faculties and institutions of the society.


1. Preparing specializes teaching cadres and qualifying them to support intermediate and secondary schools with their needs 

2. Encouraging and developing the scientific research trend to serve and develop the Iraqi society.

3.  Forming the educational and scientific character of the graduates to be able to interact educationally and affect the students and the society positively. 

4. Interacting with the formal and informal society institutions through holding conferences , seminars , training courses and offering advice in accordance with the university role in promoting knowledge and achieving creativity