Head of Department






Name and surname: Dr. Sobeih Nouri Khalaf Al Hilfi

Scientific title: Professor

Birthdate: 11/17/1972

Place of birth: Basra

Nationality: Iraqi

Email: sabeehalhilfi@gmail.com

Academic Affiliation

University: University of basra   College: College of Education for Women    Department: History

Scientific title: Professor

General specialty: Islamic history

Specialization: History of Islamic Civilization

Academic qualifications

First University Degree: Bachelor of Arts in History Granted Date: 1996 College: Arts

University name: University of Basra

Second university degree: Master’s degree          Granted date: 2001                 College: Arts                     University: University of Basra

Third university degree: Ph.D.                                Granted date: 2006                 College: Arts

University: University of Basra

Obtaining the title of assistant professor: 2009

Obtaining the title of Professor: 2018


Head of the history department                                                              2006 - 2009

Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs and Deputy Dean               2009 - 2015

Head of the history department                                                              2017 - until now