About History

The Department of History was established in the academic year 2011-2012 with the beginning of the creation of the College of Education for Girls. The duration of the study is four years, after which the graduating students are awarded a bachelor's degree in history.

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The Department of History is one of the scientific departments in the College of Education for Girls. It seeks to prepare scientific cadres specialized in the science of history with the ability to improve educational and social concepts and contribute to the development process.

Department message:

The department's mission is to prepare female teachers specialized in history to meet the educational needs in the intermediate and preparatory stages, and to prepare female researchers capable of developing the educational process and keeping pace with global developments.

Department goals:

* Spreading the spirit of scientific research and working to develop it in a way that contributes to serving and developing the Iraqi society

* Building the scientific and educational personality of the graduates so that they can interact and positively influence the students and the community and keep abreast of global developments.

* Interacting with community institutions through holding conferences, seminars, training courses and providing consultations in line with the university's role in knowledge development.

* Preparing a qualified teaching staff to teach high school students