Preliminary study - Geography dep.

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Academic Program

- Cognitive goals

Familiar students of the world, Iraq and the Arab world

A systematic scientific knowledge of the details of the study in the different stages

Emphasis on the study of geography in its various stages, as well as the Arab world and the world

Providing the student with scientific methodological information in geography

Building a scientific personality for the student capable of research and analysis

Acquire special skills in geography that qualify him for research and teaching

Program specific objectives

Building an intelligent mindset

Strengthening the student's personality, especially as preparing him as a geography teacher

Principles and Origins of General Culture Scholarship

. Emotional and value goals

Strengthening his self-confidence and scientific personality

Strengthening its sources of information

The ability to research and discuss

Strengthening his language and his scientific method

. Teaching and learning methods

Discussion, research and analysis

Adopting a group discussion method

Adopting a working method inside and outside the classroom

- Using educational aids (Map - Datacho)

Using the active learning method, by having students in the form of seminars

. Evaluation methods

daily oral exam

Electronic semester and annual exam

Discussion and outsourcing are rewarded with grades of class activity