Exam instructions

Exam instructions

Dear student, The following is a presentation of the most important controls that govern the work mechanisms of examination committees, cases of calculating failure and deferment years, how to distribute grades, and calculating graduation rates included in Examination Instructions No. (134) for the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, 2000 issued by the Ministry of Education and Research - 2000

Instructions for committees exam and mechanisms Ckیlھa and calculating the duration of the study in accordance with the regulations of study quarterly and annual and preparation of curricula and mechanisms for calculating the scores obtained Alیھa students and how to be distributed according to the system of school-based college where stipulated Alیھa Articles (2-7) instruction exam.

- treatment of cases of failure or success, and calculating the number of lessons that are allowed where the student performance of the second round of examinations and cases permitted where the student performance of the second round of Admھa examinations and cases are met or student claim subject-deleted or new and dealing with cases of repetition and load (transit) where stipulated Alیھa Article ( 8) Exam instructions.

Treating cases of failure in absence and calculating the percentages for that, whether the absence was with a legitimate excuse or without a legitimate excuse, as stipulated in Article (9) of the exam instructions.

Cases of permitting the postponement of the first term examinations or not, and the reasons for that, as it was stipulated in Articles (01-21) of the Examination Instructions.

To calculate the scores obtained Alیھa the student during the period of study at the college and the number of units of study materials theory and practice in the case of its success in the first round or Alldoralthani and calculating the final results, according to estimates provided Alیھa Articles (17-13) of the instructions exam.

Cases of promoting a student due to his failure for two years in the same stage, or in case he exceeds the period allowed for study in the college, as stipulated in the exam (1) of the exam.

Dealing with cases of student cheating during the semester or final exams, and the penalty for that, which is that the student is considered to have failed in all academic subjects for that academic year based on Article (Article 20) of the exam.

Cases of deferring a student’s studies, the number of years allowed for a student to postpone his studies, and the related controls as stipulated in Article (12) of the exam instructions

For more information, the student can view the text of the exam instructions in Appendix No. (1) in this guide.


Exam Instructions No. (134) for the year 2000

1- Article

These instructions apply to universities, the Technical Education Authority, the colleges and institutes affiliated to them, and the private colleges.

2- Article

The college council, upon a proposal from the department or branch council in the college in which there are no departments, determines the number and type of quest exams and how to conduct them and calculate their percentages, provided that the quest score is not less than 30% thirty percent and not more than 50% fifty percent of the final grade, except for subjects with The practical and applied nature is left to determine the proportions of the College Council.

3- Article

First - The final semester or annual examination for the first and second cycles shall be confidential in all subjects.

Second - The quarterly or annual exam includes the vocabulary of the subjects scheduled during the semester or year, provided that the study period for the semester lessons is not less than (15) fifteen weeks, and the annual lessons for no more than (30) thirty weeks, not including the days of final exams and school holidays.

4- Article

The faculty member is committed to programming the vocabulary of the subjects he studies with the distribution of grades on the annual quest and the final examination, and this is announced at the beginning of the academic year and the announcement of the grades of the annual quest for students no less than five days before the transcripts or the students’ examinations after the examinations of the department Correct the error during the mentioned period.

5- Article

The college or institute council, upon a proposal from the dean, creates one or more permanent committees to administer examinations during the academic year.

6- Article

The minimum passing score is (50%) fifty percent for each subject.

7- Article

Every two semester courses in colleges that adopt the semester system are counted as one annual course, unless the number of semester hours is equal to the minimum number of hours of study for one subject during the academic year.

8- Article (amended)

First - A student who fails half of the subjects (by redressing the fraction in the case of the odd number of subjects in favor of the student) or less in the first term exams is allowed to perform the exams for the second term in the subjects in which he failed, and in the opposite case he is considered a failure in all the subjects in the first semester, taking into consideration the request of the first class Article (20) of these instructions.

Second - If the student is considered to have failed in any of the first or second rounds, he must repeat the year as full-time and an examination in the subjects in which he failed, as well as the subjects in which he obtained an acceptable grade.

Third - The failing student is exempted from the deleted courses and demands the new courses in his class when changing curricula, provided that this does not lead to his transfer to a higher grade or graduation unless it is not required for a course, taking into account what is mentioned in the second.