Arabic language Dep.

The Department of Arabic Language is one of the scientific departments in the College of Education for Girls. It was established since the establishment of this college in the year (2011-2012), and it teaches grammar, morphology, rhetoric, presentations, literature, Quranic sciences, expression and composition, and other educational subjects such as psychology, foundations of education and other subjects. It includes a group of male and female teachers in the fields of grammar, morphology, rhetoric, literature and other specializations.


A scientific-educational department that seeks to prepare academic cadres with the ability to excel in the field of university education and scientific research in accordance with high-quality academic and scientific standards. Its main task is to provide educational institutions with specialized women cadres to teach Arabic


Preparing specialized and qualified female teachers scientifically and pedagogically to contribute to the field of education in Iraq, as well as preparing female researchers who are able to actively participate in writing theoretical and applied research in the service of scientific and educational work in a manner commensurate with the role of the university institution in developing the capabilities of society and its institutions.


Preparing female teachers specialized in Arabic language and literature and qualifying them to supply middle and middle schools with their needs for these cadres.

• Spreading the spirit of scientific research among students by writing solid scientific research and working to develop them in line with the aspirations of the Iraqi society.

Qualifying the graduate student in this department scientifically and educationally to take upon herself the education of the new generation, and to teach them the educational and moral values ​​inspired by the teachings of our true Islamic religion.