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- Academic system in the department: annual

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Academic program:

1. Preparing students scientifically, professionally and culturally, enabling them to know educational and psychological facts, concepts and theories, and absorbing basic principles that qualify them for teaching, scientific research, and educational and psychological guidance in educational, psychological and social institutions, as well as benefiting from them in the future of their lives as mothers and educational leaders.

2. Enabling students to apply practical methods in dealing with life and professional problems and situations, and developing the ability to analyze and judge these methods in the light of specific criteria and knowledge of an accurate definition, while they are teaching, researching and guiding after graduation.

3. Helping female students acquire attitudes and values ​​in a way that deepens faith in God and in the spiritual and moral values ​​brought by the true Islamic religion and other heavenly religions. In a manner consistent with our Arab values, and enhancing feelings of citizenship and belonging, bringing them to the highest levels of progress and intellectual and psychological maturity.

4. Developing the trends, tendencies and desires of female students and developing their capabilities towards the teaching profession and scientific research to face problems in a way that serves the community.

5. Enabling female students to acquire basic skills related to the teaching and research profession and to work on their development to perform their work successfully, solve educational problems and face life situations with high efficiency, especially during the teaching profession.


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